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Associate Membership

The Bylaws provide for an Associate Member category, which is available to companies and organizations engaged in a financial business or having an interest in the banking industry sufficiently compatible with the philosophy and objectives of the Association and its members.

Associate Membership helps to keep your firm abreast of rapidly changing conditions in the financial services industry in Connecticut, provides timely information on legislative, regulatory and legal developments and offers access to a variety of Association functions and programs. In addition to the continuous exposure to member banks, Associate Members automatically receive:

  • Invitations to educational programs, seminars, meetings and other functions of a pertinent nature, including the Annual Meeting and annual tradeshow BankWorld.
  • Enrollment options in the Association's premiere educational school, the Connecticut School of Finance & Management.
  • Copies of Association Legislative Bulletins, which are distributed throughout the legislative session. In addition to commentary on events, the Bulletins contain an in depth pending legislation report.
  • One copy of selected Association Bulletins, which normally include all general information bulletins and meeting/seminar notices. Bulletins of a confidential nature may be excepted.
  • Complimentary copies of our monthly newsletter Highlights and Calendar and our CBA Quarterly magazine.

Bylaws Limitations
Associate members do not hold voting rights, but are allowed to attend and participate in meetings of the Association's various committees.  Associate Members are not allowed to attend special membership meetings of the Association. Associate Members may not use or imply that their membership is an endorsement by the Association.

Annual Dues
The Executive Committee determines the annual dues required for Associate Membership.  Dues are assessed on August 1st of each year and are payable in full in 30 days.  Any Associate Member not paying annual dues within the 30 day period will forfeit all privileges and services.  Dues for Associate Members joining during the fiscal year will be prorated, as shown on your invoice.  Current annual dues are $1,100.00 - Fiscal Year August 1 to July 31.

Application Process
Please complete and submit the online Associate Membership Application.  Alternatively, complete the PDF application with all requested information and email it to Stephanie Carroll.  All applicants are subject to review and approval of the Association's Executive Committee.  Upon approval and receipt of annual dues, Associate Members will begin receiving the aforementioned services.

Member Bank

The mission of the Connecticut Bankers Association is to represent the financial institutions in the State of Connecticut and to serve as the voice of its members in matters of their common interest.

The Connecticut Bankers Association shall support and promote legislative and regulatory actions at the state and federal level that benefit the general welfare of its member institutions, the banking industry and the people of the State of Connecticut.

The Connecticut Bankers Association shall encourage and facilitate the interchange of information and ideas among its members. The Association shall serve the collective needs of its members through development of educational programs and providing cost-effective services.

Please complete and submit the online Member Bank Application. Alternatively, complete the PDF application with all requested information and email it to Karen Horanzy. All applicants are subject to review and approval of the Association's Executive Committee.