In 2011, Bankers Alliance, the holding company, created Compliance Alliance to fill a need for banks overwhelmed with new regulations and frequent examinations. Created in a partnership with 16 initial State Bankers Associations, C/A’s services were designed to extend beyond those offered by endorsed partners by taking a lead role in guiding member banks through the regulatory landscape.
Now owned by a majority of the state bankers associations and serving member-clients in 49 states across the U.S. and the District of Columbia, C/A is an industry leader in banking compliance advisory services.

In 2018, Bankers Alliance ownership took another innovative step by creating Review Alliance, the review (audit) company, and continuing to develop community bank minded programs.


Our goal is to give community bankers reliable and trusted resources. Because B/A companies are solely focused on bank regulatory compliance at the community bank level, we can provide a focused, unfettered approach for our members. Developed with pragmatic innovation, our services add real value and industry expertise.

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