Connecticut School of Finance & Management

The primary purpose of the Connecticut School of Finance and Management (CSFM) is to provide an opportunity for junior management personnel and other key employees of Connecticut’s banking industry to obtain a more comprehensive knowledge and awareness of banking theory, practices and procedures, capital markets and management functions which will be of substantial value in their preparation for new and greater responsibilities at or within the management level.

This two-year program is designed to increase the knowledge of the students in their own specialties and at the same time introduce them to a wide range of banking topics. Upon conclusion, the students will have developed a broader perspective of the industry, a more enlightened view of their own bank and most importantly, a better awareness of their individual capacities.

The School's History
The Connecticut School of Finance & Management (CSFM) first met in the fall of 1962. The program was intended to fill a gap which was perceived with respect to available training programs for bank employees at the supervisory and management level.

Originally conceived as a one-year program, CSFM was soon expanded to two years. Over the years, it has seen continuous modifications. In 1985, substantial changes were made to the curriculum and format of the School. Weekly two-and-a-half-hour evening sessions became monthly, full-day classes. The educational content switched from an emphasis on economics to an emphasis on refining management skills and the creation of contemporary bank managers.

In addition to a two-day opening resident session at the beginning of each of the class years, the program concludes with a three-and-a-half-day resident session which deals with the science of managing a bank and its people. The BankSim program is designed, through small group interaction, to summarize the two-year program.