At any given time there are numerous projects being carried on by Association Committees. The results of the Committee's work accrue to all member banks and provide extra benefits for membership. Committee membership on the seven standing committees is comprised of category specialists from member banks. The Association staff coordinates the work of these committees, performs necessary research and conveys the results to members by bulletin.


Commercial Lending Committee
This Committee is charged with assisting member banks in the analysis and information dissemination of all matters pertaining to lending to businesses. Surveys and Seminars are developed as issues dictate. The Committee is responsible for providing feedback to staff on legal, regulatory and legislative matters. It is also responsible for developing collective efforts to enhance the commercial lending environment and promote the industry.

Human Resources Committee
The Human Resources Committee is assigned the vital task of providing guidance in the area of personnel practices, training and management. The Committee keeps abreast of state and federal laws, agency regulations and new developments that affect banks as employers. Primary responsibilities of the Human Resources Committee include educational programs, informational and statistical surveys and compliance related seminars. Service agreements with Kainen, Escalera & McHale, PC for the Employment Legal Line Service is also under the auspices of this Committee.

Legislative Committee
This Committee is responsible for designing the Association's Legislative Program and preparing specific bills to be presented to the General Assembly. The Committee screens recommendations from other Committees and in turn makes its recommendations for the Association's Legislative Program to the Executive Committee. In conjunction with the Executive Committee, it reviews all legislation before the General Assembly for implications in the banking industry and makes recommendations for Association action on the proposed legislation. The Committee and the CBA staff play an active role during the Legislative Session, in the processing of the Association's Legislative Program through the Legislature.

Management Development Committee
The principal responsibility of this Committee is the continuing development and operation of the Connecticut School of Finance and Management. CSFM provides an opportunity for junior management personnel and other key employees to obtain a more comprehensive knowledge and awareness of contemporary banking. The program was initiated in 1963 and continues to be an intricate part of the management development process. Also, the Committee will seek to meet the needs of the membership by providing educational programs and training workshops on an as necessary or ongoing basis.

Mortgage Committee
This Committee is assigned all matters pertaining to residential mortgage lending and all consumer lending products. Its duties include the gathering, analysis and dissemination of all current information concerning the retail lending functions. The Committee also oversees two monthly delinquency reports which produce industry comparisons for the membership. When appropriate, the Committee will recommend statutory changes for the betterment of the industry. As in other Committees, this group is responsible for the timely development of seminars and forums.

Technology Committee
The Technology Committee will be responsible for identifying and distributing information pertaining to technology in an effort to assist member banks in their technology planning processes. The Committee will provide informational seminars and workshops with vendor participation where appropriate. In addition to assisting the membership with compliance to IT-related regulations, it will provide a forum for the sharing of ideas and experiences designed to improve the membership’s uses of technology. The Committee will also provide input to the Legislative Committee regarding legislation pertaining to standards and controls in e-commerce and other technology areas.

Ad-Hoc Committees
From time to time, it is necessary to set up ad-hoc committees from a cross-section of the CBA membership. These committees typically explore and advise the CBA on issues of current importance and provide a valuable service in formulating industry responses and actions.

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